Blue Pink Lotus Harmony Ball

$27.95 - $28.95
Blue Pink Lotus Harmony Ball

Condition: 100% Original design New Pendant
Necklace length: 45 inch wax leather cord
30/ 45 inch chain
Necklace Material: Wax leather cord/copper plated silver chain
Quantity: 1pc bola pendant + 1pc wax leather cord+Box /or only Bola ball +box/1pc bola pendant + 1pc chain
Material: Copper + Enamel Craft (Silver Plated)
Ball size: 20mm

Harmony bola/Pregnancy ball/Chime ball/Baby bola:

- Shake it, and it will make a pleasing noise
- Perfect gift for baby & New Mom

Harmony Ball (Pregnant Ball): It is known for its crisp, sweet sound. It is suitable for prenatal care and early education, it is particularly loved by pregnant women. Harmony bells, when it shakes,

it makes a sound, it can make people feel calm and peaceful.

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