Silver Luxury Vintage Harmony Ball Necklace

$25.50 - $25.95
Silver Luxury Vintage Harmony Ball Necklace

Material: Copper plated on gold
Style: Unique enamel craft design harmony Ball pendant
Feature:High grade, high quality, exquisite,funny
Material : Copper ,Gold plated
Necklace Style: Copper plating gold
Ball size : 20 mm
Necklace Size:30/45 inch(76/114 cm).
Package:1*ball Pendant +1*gold Chain/ rope+ 1*Box / or only ball+box

Our Harmony bola ball Necklace is beautiful , unique, gorgeous enamel craft Color design. The chime ball contains tiny brass xylophones that create a beautiful and relaxing sounds. Shake the chime pendant to call your guardian angel, bring peace and comfort to the wearer.

Ball size: 20mm

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